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The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region

Summary of objectives, priorities & management measures

This strategy sets targets for environmental assets that are the cornerstones of ecological health and resilience in the Port Phillip & Western Port region - native vegetation, native animals, waterways and wetlands, hinterland, coasts and the bays.

Objectives and priorities

For native vegetation, the objective is to retain high quality native vegetation in the region providing habitat for native species and making significant contributions to the overall environmental health and resilience of the region.

The priorities are to:

For revegetation and carbon plantings, the objective is to achieve benefits for biodiversity and land management while capturing and storing carbon in the landscape.

The priorities are to:

For native animals, the objective is to maintain the diversity of native animal species that still inhabit the region and ensure the populations are healthy and resilient.

The priorities are to:

For waterways and wetlands, the objective is to maintain and enhance the environmental values of waterways as indicated by the health and resilience of fish, frogs, platypus, birds, macroinvertebrates, vegetation and amenity.  The priorities are to:

For the hinterland, the objective is to retain extensive and healthy rural landscapes and open space around Melbourne that supports habitat for native species, productive and valuable agriculture, food security, clean air, carbon sequestration, water quality, social amenity values, cultural values and tourism.  The priority is to retain, as much as is practicable, the extent of land zoned as green wedge, rural conservation, farm, rural living or some relevant special uses.

For the coasts, the objective is to maintain, as much as is practicable, the environmental values of the coasts around the region. The priority is to at least maintain the current extent and quality of native vegetation in each of the 15 coastal zones that have been delineated in the region.

For Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, the objective is to maintain the environmental health of the bays.  The priority is to maintain the existing high quality of the marine water in each of the segments of the bays.

Management measures

Various measures are embedded in this strategy to generate and foster a shared vision for future environmental condition, commitment from key partners, collaboration and effective action.  They include: