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State Government Victoria
The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region

Current condition of waterways and wetlands

The condition of waterways and wetlands has been assessed within 14 waterways systems.   The table below presents the trend and current condition for each of seven key values in each waterways system.  The condition assessments were undertaken by Melbourne Water in developing the Healthy Waterways Strategy.  

Across the region condition is greatest in the forested upper catchments and declines significantly once the waterways pass through agricultural and then urban landscapes.  Waterways in the poorest condition occur where the natural rivers, streams and creeks have been modified into channels and drains.


The current condition of waterways & wetlands has been used to identify expected outcomes for the future (Targets). Melbourne Water will lead efforts to achieve these outcomes (Leadership) and arrangements are in place to monitor and report on progress and success (Monitoring & reporting).