The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Summary of RCS Guidelines – Part 3 (Themes)

17 January 2020

The RCS 2021-27 will consist of five major themes that are in line with the State Government’s ‘Our Catchments, Our Communities’ Integrated Catchment Management Strategy (2016).

The major themes are Water; Land; Biodiversity; Coasts & Marine; and Community. It is recognised that these broad themes are inter‐connected, and also align with the way governments and other investors often plan and roll out their investment programs. 

The themes could be divided further into the following sub-themes:

  • Water (waterways, wetlands and estuaries; groundwater)
  • Land (land use changes; soil health; sustainable agriculture)
  • Biodiversity (habitat; native vegetation; native animals; threatened species)
  • Coasts & Marine (coastal vegetation; intertidal communities)
  • Community (traditional owners and Aboriginal Victorians in ICM; Communities in ICM)

Each theme will include the following headings: 

  • Introduction
  • Assessment of current condition and trends
  • Major threats and drivers of change
  • Desired outcomes for the future i.e. long‐term SMART outcomes i.e. proposed to be achieved in 20+ years; and medium‐term SMART outcomes i.e. ‘stepping stone’ outcomes proposed to be achieved in 6 years
  • Priority directions, including reference to any strategies, plans and action plans, in which targets, outputs and priority actions are described in detail.

(Note that SMART outcomes are: specific; measurable; achievable; relevant; and time‐bound.)