The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Development of a new Port Phillip and Western Port RCS

23 September 2020

The Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority (PPWCMA) is charged with enhancing coordination for environment and natural resource management in this region. 

The PPWCMA works closely with government bodies, councils, Traditional Owners, farmers, non-government organisations, community groups and others to support improvements in natural resource management including in conservation, farming practices, landscape rehabilitation, native species enhancement and community volunteerism.

A cornerstone of this work is to coordinate preparation of a six year Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip and Western Port region. There are 10 Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) in Victoria and 10 regional catchment strategies that cover all of Victoria and help prioritise action and investment into environmental and sustainability programs. 

New Regional Catchment Strategies are being developed throughout 2020-21.  Each CMA will develop a new regional catchment strategy with its region’s stakeholder organisations and communities.  The new strategies are to be submitted to the Minister for Water and the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change by the end of June 2021 for consideration and approval.

The process for development of the new Port Phillip and Western Port Regional Catchment Strategy will include:

  1. Gathering of relevant information and preparation of an initial draft of the new Regional Catchment Strategy
  2. Engagement with key organisations and community networks through a range of meetings/workshops to develop a refined draft of the new Regional Catchment Strategy
  3. Conduct of a formal public consultation process regarding the refined draft of the Regional Catchment Strategy
  4. Finalisation and submission of the final Regional Catchment Strategy to the Ministers.

The PPWCMA looks forward to engaging closely with its stakeholders and partners to develop the new strategy.  Sign up to the PPWCMA newsletter and follow the PPWCMA on social media for updates and opportunities to get involved in this process. 

In the meantime, if you have questions or suggestions, the PPWCMA’s RCS Renewal Coordinator Todd Trimble can be contacted via email at