The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Targets (Coasts)

Targets for coasts

Targets are the most important part of this strategy because they define our collective intent and direction.  They describe what we aim to achieve, by when and the parameters we will use to monitor and report.

An assessment of the current condition of coasts across the region has been undertaken.

The targets below describe the condition we expect for the future.  The aim is to, where realistic, at least maintain the current environmental condition as indicated by the amount and quality of native vegetation in the coastal zones.

Zone Native vegetation area (ha) Targets
Phillip Island ocean 922
To be developed
Phillip Island bay 52 To be developed
French Island south 693 To be developed
French Island north 1,293 To be developed
Western Port east 556 To be developed
Western Port north 1,338 To be developed
Hastings 662 Within with Hastings zone, the extent of the native vegetation in the Crib Point Stony Point Crown land Reserve will be maintained to 2030.
Sandy Pt to Flinders 1,121 To be developed
Flinders to Pt Nepean 1,782 To be developed
Port Phillip Bay
eastern beaches
440 In the portion of the Port Phillip Bay eastern beaches zone managed by City of Kingston, 36.3 ha of native coastal vegetation across 13km of foreshore to be maintained by 2035.
Port Phillip Bay north
western shoreline
1,505 To be developed
Geelong 33 To be developed
Corio Bay south 210 To be developed
Swan Bay 725 To be developed
Queenscliffe 52 To be developed

Lead organisations are committed to achieving these targets (Leadership) and arrangements are in place to monitor and report on progress and success (Monitoring and Reporting).  Targets and leadership arrangements will be determined in consultation with relevant departments, agencies and delegated land managers.

It is expected that a Coastal Action Plan will be developed for the coast of the Port Phillip and Western Port region by the Victorian Government (led by the Central Coastal Board).  The plan may lead to these targets being revised and updated.