The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Current Condition (Native Vegetation)

Current condition of native vegetation

The Port Phillip and Western Port region has around 500,000 ha of native vegetation which is approximately 39% of the area.  The vegetation exists in more than 33,000 individual patches.

This Regional Catchment Strategy assesses the extent and quality of:

  • Patches of permanent native vegetation
  • The other native Vegetation in each council area.

This strategy also identifies a number of potential nature links. These are parts of the landscape considered to offer the most worthwhile opportunities for building and improving vegetation corridors.

The current condition has been assessed (Method) and used as the basis to set targets for the future (Targets).  Lead organisations are committed to achieving these targets (Leadership) and arrangements are in place to monitor progress and success (Monitoring and Reporting).