The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Targets (Port Phillip Bay)

Targets for marine water quality in Port Phillip Bay

Targets are the most important part of this Regional Catchment Strategy because they define our collective intent and direction.  They describe what we aim to achieve, by when and the parameters we will use to monitor and report.

An assessment of the current condition of marine water quality in Port Phillip Bay has been undertaken.

The targets below describe the water quality we expect for the future.  The overall aim is to at least maintain the current water quality in Port Phillip Bay.

Targets for the quality of marine water

Condition 2011 Target
93% attainment of SEPP objectives At least 90% attainment of SEPP objectives for Port Phillip Bay each year to 2030


Lead organisations are committed to achieving these targets (Leadership) and arrangements are in place to monitor and report on progress and success (Monitoring and Reporting).  Targets and leadership arrangements are determined in consultation with relevant departments, agencies and delegated land managers.