The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Leadership (Waterways and Wetlands)

Leadership for waterways & wetlands

The success of this strategy will be evidence of effective leadership. Leaders will drive the achievement of its targets (expected outcomes) for the regional community.  They will bring relevant organisations together and foster collaboration to achieve optimum results with available resources.

Expected outcomes are identified for key values that indicate the health of waterways and wetlands in the region targets.  Melbourne Water will play a lead role in efforts to achieve these outcomes.

Melbourne Water’s statement of commitment

Melbourne Water considers these expected outcomes to be important and achievable. Melbourne Water is committed to improving waterway health in line with the Healthy Waterways Strategy and the Regional Catchment Strategy. Melbourne Water will collaborate with partners, stakeholders and customers on achieving implementation targets that contribute to the expected outcomes, and will play a lead role by generating and fostering the necessary partnerships. Melbourne Water will also lead by ensuring monitoring efforts are well coordinated.

David Ryan

General Manager Waterways, Melbourne Water, March 2013