The Regional Catchment Strategy for the Port Phillip & Western Port region
Leadership (Western Port)

Leadership for the marine water quality of Western Port

The success of this strategy will be evidence of effective leadership.

Leaders will drive the achievement of its targets with the regional community.  They will bring relevant organisations together and foster collaboration and shared knowledge to achieve optimum results with available resources.

Specific targets are set for marine water quality in Western Port targets.   Targets and leadership arrangements are determined in consultation with relevant departments, agencies and delegated land managers.

Leaders for the achievement of the targets and agreed statements of commitment are listed below.

Leader for marine water quality

Target Lead role Statement of commitment
At least 90% attainment of SEPP objectives in Western Port each year to 2030. Environment Protection Authority The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) considers these targets important to help achieve the environmental quality objectives set out in the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) and relevant schedules F6 (Port Phillip Bay) and F8 (Westernport and catchment).  EPA recognises the importance of collaboration and coordination in achieving these targets, and will support PPWPCMA in a lead role as environmental regulator and influential Authority. EPA will inform community, business and Government on the environment protection laws and regulations, support business and industry to comply with these, and monitor and enforce compliance with the law where necessary. Under the Victorian Government’s A Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay EPA will lead public reporting of water quality monitoring in Port Phillip Bay and it’s catchments, which may assist partners in their reporting.

Stephen Lansdell, Team Leader Water, 6 August 2013


The condition of the marine water in Western Port has been assessed (Method and Condition) as the basis for targets. Lead organisations are committed to achieving the target. Arrangements are in place to monitor and report on progress.